Saul Alvarez vs Josesito Lopez


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  • Atai Treskunov

    new welterweight mike tyson

  • Deco

    Best site on the net.

  • Leidy Gabriela Villegas Montej

    love this site! :) thanks for the vid

  • Leidy Gabriela Villegas Montej

    why cant i see the vid?? :’(

  • romyboy

    Lopez has simply no answer for every punch thrown by Alvarez. He was battered and pulverized to the end. A walk in the park for Saul Alvarez

  • Peter Som

    I don’t fault him for quitting. Did you see his face post Alvarez – Lopez fight? That sh*t was legit broken! Unless you can realistically say that YOU can fight on with a broken jaw, I wouldn’t hold him up to such a ridiculous standard. If Ortiz got outclassed by Lopez, what would make you think he would have done any better with a polished and skillful fighter like Alvarez? In any case, he’s getting a lot of big prospects thrown at him all at once. He doesn’t need to take on top level competition so quickly, I think he should be tested first before he commits to such a mountainous task. He should fight competitive fights in the lower rung of the P4P list because his defense hasn’t really been tested yet.

  • Anonymous

    It’s Victor Ortiz fault then. The winner of Ortiz – Lopez would get a shot at Canello. Ortiz quit. And here we are.

    Hoping that Mayweather will accept a fight against Canello now!

  • Joey Martyr

    jesus, they should have given josesito a gun so he could have had a chance, for christ’s sake. a ridiculous fight that should have never been made. i mean, who couldn’t have seen this happening?